An analysis of inhumane glue traps for rodents

There are several methods you can implement to trap rodents but glue straps are by far, the most inhumane and cruel, it is not as effective, it is less cost-efficient and it can cause dangers to other animals such as pets.

Essentially, these traps are made with a glue-like substance and placed around the area you expect the rodents to trod. Bait is placed on the substance to the rodent into placing its paws on the glue trap. The purpose of the trap is to capture the animal so that it would become immobile. Usually, if a rodent were to land on the trap and get stuck, it would eventually die because it would be unable to move to search for food or water. It would ultimately die of starvation which is a long, painful, horrific way to perish, unless of course you spot it as soon as it becomes stuck and strike it dead yourself. Depending on the parts of the body that gets stuck, there is a possibility that it would suffocate to death as well.

The rodent however, may try to pull itself off the trap and depending on the strength of the substance, it may be successful. This success may have risk factors such as the skin and fur of the rodent may get torn, blood would leak and you would end up with a sticky mess on your hands. Imagine the feel of tearing out your own hair or skin and you would understand what the pain the rodent would have to endure because like us, they are mammals.

Rodents have the ability to avoid dangerous and harmful situations. If the rodent got temporarily stuck once, it would know that it has to avoid this device. The glue trap would then serve no purpose as it could not effectively accomplish what it was intended to be used as. While these traps may be purchased at very low prices than other traps, or even cost you cheaper to make it yourself, they are still not cost-effective. It cannot be re-used and there is no guarantee that it would work.

Another important factor is the health risks and safety of those around. Rodents are known for releasing feces and urine anywhere they walk and if these secretions are left on the trap, it can spread diseases which are harmful to humans and other animals. The glue substance used may be toxic to touch with the bare hands so imagine the dangers if a child found it, was curious and attempted to play with it. Even so, imagine the danger of both child or pet when they play with whatever other excretions or even other creatures, trapped in it. The glue can also stick onto pets and a visit to the vet would have to be made to remove it.

If the rodent gets trapped and dies and the carcass is not removed, other creatures such as flies and worms may start attacking it. You would then have a more permanent problem on your hands because flies spawn by the hundreds and those who did not die would eventually return to spawn more. Glue traps are extremely unsanctioned as a form of rodent removal.

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